In 2021, MAA periodicals continued to publish and thrive, thanks to our community of editors, authors, referees, problem solvers, and problem-solving groups.

We tracked a measurable uptick in article downloads and submissions across our broad portfolio, and we adopted the Statement of Principles issued by the Coalition of Diversity & Inclusion in Scholarly Communications (C4DISC), becoming one of 105 scholarly publishing organizations to do so.

We also published two Virtual Special Issues (VSIs)—collections of articles that have a common theme and are available to the public free of charge. Our VSIs on Undergraduate Student Research and Mathematics & Music garnered 17,559 page views from users.

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Additional Highlights for 2021 Include:

American Mathematical Monthly Article Downloads in 2021
Countries where MAA FOCUS is now read
Countries represented by writers in Mathematics Magazine
Mathematics Magazine downloads in 2021
Math Horizons downloads in 2021
Article views for MAA's newsmagazine, MAA FOCUS
College Mathematics Journal downloads in 2021
American Mathematical Monthly article downloads in 2021

It has been an honor, not to mention enlightening and edifying, to have served as editor of the Monthly.

Susan Jane Colley
Outgoing Editor
What We Do

2021 MAA MathFest

After MAA MathFest 2020 was canceled due to the ongoing pandemic, 2021 presented shifting challenges.

In Spring of 2021, the MAA Meetings and Events Team quickly pivoted to adapt MAA MathFest 2021 into a completely virtual experience to meet our community wherever they were in the world. While our traditional conference organization would typically begin eight to nine months in advance, our virtual MAA MathFest 2021 was pulled off in four months and was an all hands on deck project.

MAA MathFest 2021 was a remarkable success, bringing together 1,815 attendees in a highly accessible format. Attendees from India, South Africa, and even the White House were able to share, engage, and network as a truly global flourishing community.

Embracing the Future

MAA MathFest 2021 included 145 sessions scheduled over four six-hour days of programming, and collected 291 abstracts. The success of our first fully-virtual meeting was also a pilot program for how we can continue to grow MAA’s accessibility to our membership and the larger mathematical community.

Christine M. Darden participating in Hidden Figures Program at MathFest
What We Do


The MAA has 14 grant-funded programs, falling into three categories – Curriculum Resources, Outreach Initiatives, and Professional Development.

Curriculum Resources

Aid faculty in the training process for pre-service teachers currently in undergraduate school

Outreach Initiatives

Enable faculty to fund projects aimed at reaching underrepresented groups in mathematics

Professional Development

Increase the skills of current college and university faculty, support early-career mathematicians, and provide resources to teachers

We distributed $593,076 in award money through our 2021 programs.

Additional Highlights for 2021 Include

American Mathematical Monthly Article Downloads in 2021
74 people attended the virtual CoMInDs 6th annual workshop, an increase from 35 attendees in 2020
Outreach Grants Awarded
Total stipends given in 2021
Total subawards (NREUP and StatPREP) in 2021
Total award money distributed in 2021

Virtual Programming

Another 2021 highlight: The MAA Programs team launched the pilot year of MAA Virtual Programming. Through MAA Virtual Programming, we were able to establish a timely, relevant, and robust program of virtual presentations, workshops, and training, designed to be responsive to the needs of the mathematical community.

What We Do

MAA Project NExT

MAA Project NExT

MAA Project NExT (New Experiences in Teaching) is a professional development program for new or recent Ph.D.s in the mathematical sciences. It addresses all aspects of an academic career:

  • Improving the teaching and learning of mathematics
  • Engaging in research and scholarship
  • Finding exciting and interesting service opportunities
  • Participating in professional activities

MAA Project NExT provides the participants with a network of peers and mentors as they assume these responsibilities. Since 1994 there have been over 1,700 Fellows who have appeared in all capacities in the academic mathematical profession.

More About MAA Project NExT
What We Do



In 2021, MAA American Mathematics Competitions (AMC) expanded the reach and impact of our AMC Young Women in Mathematics Prize and Certificate Program, designed to encourage young women and girls to pursue their interests in mathematics.

Last year, MAA was able to offer 5x more funding than in previous years, awarding $25,000 to 38 young women (in addition to 807 students receiving certificates).

Accessibility to quality math education, opportunities to grow outside of the classroom, and support from the greater mathematics community is essential to decreasing the gender gap in mathematics.

More About American Mathematics Competitions

I never had so much fun doing math problems before the AMC 8, which is why I’ve taken it and both AMC 10s every year since then.

Sophia Lin
2021 AMC 8 Young Women in Mathematics Award Winner

MAA AMC at 2021 MAA MathFest

For the first time ever, MAA’s American Mathematics Competition (AMC) came to MAA MathFest! Young mathematicians, as well as K-12 teachers, were able to experience all that MAA MathFest has to offer, without the need for travel.

James Tanton, MAA Mathematician-at-Large


MAA AMC also provided students from around the world access to year-round mathematics resources through M-Powered, which reached over 40,000 views from over 100 countries in 2021. These free online resources and events included:

Weekly Math Wednesdays with James Tanton

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AMC Fireside Chat

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AMC Hangouts: Epic Space Challenge Launch

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